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Professional wedding photos by WDR Photo.
At standard photography rates!
Private, Public, Indoor, Outdoor, Yards, Theaters, Ballrooms, Chaples and Churches. We do them all.

Wedding photographs of indoor outdoor events.

Think about it, If you are not pleased with senior pictures you can retake them next week.
What happens if you are not pleased with your wedding photographs?
Our experence and graphic skill WILL deliver the Wedding portraits of your dreams.
Please call today before your wedding date is taken!
Wm Russell,   417 818 2847

About Photographer Wm Russell

Serving Springfield, Marshfield and Lebanon MO and the Southwest Missouri area

If you wish to speak with Bill about photographing your Wedding, call (417) 859-5075 or email him.

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Wm Russell Master Photographer WDR Photo for weddings Wedding photography in MO is proud to be the exclusive source for prints by photographer William Russell. Whether it's fast-paced action shots or a beautifully composed wedding portrait, consider WDR Photo for your photography needs. WDR Photo Studio and on-site location work (throughout the Springfield Missouri area) are available by appointment. Avoid disappointment, please call for open dates and reserve your wedding day now!

We look forward to serving you in Springfield, Marshfield or Lebanon MO and surrounding area.

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